Punjabi Bhangra Dance


Punjabi Bhangra Dance is a form of the folk music and the dance originated from Punjab. It is said to be the king of dances and in order to celebrate the success of the harvest, the Punjabis perform the Bhangra. Generally, the folks used to sing the lyrics and at least one of the people plays the dhol drum. Then the dancers begin to move in a circle shape. There are several styles of dancing such as sialkoti, sheikhupuri, tribal, malwa, and majha. This gigantic dance was marketed by the music corporations which are a source of the revenue in the different forms of cassettes and CDs. Mostly the costumes of the Bhangra dance will be bright in color. They used to wear colored patka on the head, lungi of the same color, black waistcoat and the ghunghroos on the ankles. Some of the dancers also wear nuntian in their ears. Initially, these types of dances were started by the Punjabi farmers in the fifteenth century. In most of the major celebrations such as the weddings or festivals, these types of dances are performed. Usually, the Bhangra dress worn by the women are Kameez, Salwaar, Paranda, Dupatta, and Jhumka etc.